Quality Cleaning Equipment is a proud distributor for ADF Systems Ltd., who has been manufacturing aqueous cleaning equipment for over 25 years. Quality Cleaning Equipment also provides service, parts and detergents for ADF Evaporators.

Below is the most popular model that we sell, although others are available.  .

The ADF Model 19 Evaporator offers the following features:

  • Stand alone unit with can be moved as needed.
  • Large 85 gallon holding capacity.
  • 5 Gallons per hour evaporation rate.
  • Can be plumbed for continue filling with transfer pump.
  • 304 Stainless Steel holding tank with 2" thick insulation
  • Sloped tank bottom sloped for easy sludge removal through a large 4" NPT fitting.
  • Large, hinged lid for easy access.


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